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  1. Introduction & Purpose
    1. BHG Retail REIT Management Pte. Ltd. (as the “REIT Manager” of BHG Retail REIT) does not tolerate any wrongful act, impropriety, or statutory non-compliance by its employees, officers, directors, and associates.
    2. This Whistleblowing Policy (“the Policy”) is intended to provide a framework to promote responsible and secure whistleblowing without fear of reprisal when whistleblowing in good faith.
  2. Who should report?
    1. Employees of the REIT Manager; and
    2. External parties
  3. What to report?
    Complainants may use the procedures set out in the Policy to report the following:
    1. Any wrongdoings conducted;
    2. Fraudulent activities;
    3. Corruption, and deception; and
    4. Conflict of interest and abuse of authority.
  4. How to report?
    1. All whistleblowing reports should be factually written and contain sufficient material information for an effective investigation to be conducted. The report should include basic information such as parties involved, date, time, type of wrongdoing, evidence substantiating the wrongdoing, and contact details. Please send in your report via email to
    2. The whistleblowing process is overseen by the Audit and Risk Management Committee of the REIT Manager.
    3. Anonymous reporting
      All complainants are strongly encouraged to put their names to their allegations. Complaints raised anonymously are more difficult to act upon effectively, but they will be considered, taking into account the seriousness and credibility of the issues raised, and the likelihood of confirming the allegations from attributable sources and information provided.
    4. False allegations
      While the Policy aims to protect genuine whistleblowers from any unfair treatment consequent to their report, it strictly prohibits frivolous, untrue complaints, or used of channel for taking up personal grievances. If allegations are proven to be malicious, appropriate actions, including legal action and blacklisting, may be taken.
    5. Confidentiality
      The REIT Manager endeavor to take every effort to ensure the identity of whistle-blowers are kept confidential throughout the process.
  5. Modifications
    1. The REIT Manager reserves the right to modify the contents to maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations or accommodate organisational changes.